Put the verbs in brackets into the required tense forms

1) We [to arrive– Past Simple Active] at the railway station when the train [to approach–Past Continuous Active] the platform. 2) The overall control of the system [to do– Present Continuous Passive] by computers. 3) Can you tell me who [to sit– Present Continuous Active] next to you? 4) He [to drive– Past Continuous Active] home when he [to hear– Past Simple Active] the news on the radio. 5) A lot of people [to wait– Past Continuous Active] for the bus arrival at the stop. 6) At present 2,500 km of high-speed lines [to construct– Present Continuous Passive] in Europe and Asia. 7) You [to catch– Future Simple Active] the train, if you [to hurry– Present Simple Active] up. 8) Steel rails [to use– Past Simple Passive] in the USA for the first time in 1863. 9) The experiment [to be– Past Simple Active] very interesting, it [to watch– Past Continuous Passive] with great attention. 10) Competition between transport modes [to intensify– Present Continuous Active] now. 11) The guide [to speak –Present Simple Active] English, German and Spanish, but he [to speak –Future Continuous Active] Spanish this afternoon because most of the visitors [to be –Present Simple Active] from Spain.


5.1 Watch the video “Track renewal” and put the titles of the episodes in the right order

(1) Introduction

(2) Unloading the new rails

( ) Taking away the old rails

( ) Removal and collection of rail fastenings

( ) Laying the new rails

( ) Delivering and taking away the sleepers

( ) Mobile flash-butt welding

( ) Removing the old sleepers

( ) Picking-up the new rails

(10) Fastening down the rails